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Grow Guide – How Many Plants do a family need for medication?

So I am growing herb plants for my own consumption at home.

Over the past few weeks I have harvested a few plants that have gone towards making butter and such things.

It has done heaps for my health and wellbeing so far adding regular cannabis to my diet.

But at this point I still have not managed to cultivate enough to meet all of my personal medical needs.

Fascinating right? I am literally ingesting whole plants weekly – yet my body can still use more. There is a limit for me – when my health gets better I will ease off but as I feel the cannabis working on me I know I could easily use more. I still have made no oils or tinctures.

So when you are talking about a family of 4 If it is a family with a few people that have ailments it isn’t unreasonable to think that they would need to cultivate 50 – 100 plants at any one time. That is including small plants and keeping in mind that you always end up with males and dud plants. So you have to keep your numbers up to make sure that you have supply.

Australia hasn’t had any serious conversations on how many plants homes should be allowed to grow but these conversations will need to be had.

At this point I can announce I am at the early stages of developing a project that will play a role in the international roll out of Cannabis reform. It will seek to provide international guidance to governments and media on how cannabis issues should be dealt with and serve other functions related to the international cannabis trade.

That project will be announced in the months to come.

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