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Is vaporization safe for Asthmatics?

A lot of people who buy Vaporizers do so because combustion based smoking irritates their lungs, causes shortness of breath and triggers their Asthma. But is Vaporization safe for Asthmatics?

It is the case that botanical Vapor contains less toxins and carcinogens than smoking. This can be less irritating for asthmatics, however vaporizing over a period of time can still trigger Asthma and shortness of breath.

Vaporization of plant matter takes place at a temprature of around 200°C. For Asthmatics this high temperature alone can be enough to irritate lungs and cause coughing and asthma attacks. Many portable vaporizers such as the Thermovape or Iolite are compact which means you take air into your lungs at these high temperatures. Continued use of these units is likely to cause lung irritation similar to that caused by smoking.

Some vaporization units are designed to cool the vapor before it enters your lungs. The Storz and Bickel Plenty Vaporizer has a long coiled steel tube as a mouth piece designed to cool air before it enters your lungs.

The Volcano however is probably the most effective unit if you wish to inhale cool vapor to minimise lung irritation. The unit fills a large plastic bag with vapor that can then be removed from the unit and left to cool. If left for 10 minutes at room temperature the reduced temperature of the vapor is less irritating. Some users have even reported putting the bag in the fridge or pulling the smoke from the vapor bag through a water pipe.

In short Asthmatics and people with lung conditions still need to be conscious of vaporization as a health risk. You are better off vaporizing than smoking but if if suffer a condition like asthma, any form of smoking poses risks and will be bad for your health.

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