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Vaporize Australia Founder calls for industry to Embrace Hemp Plastic in Vaporizer Construction.

Today Vaporize Australia founder called for the broader Vaporization industry to embrace the use of hemp plastics for Vaporizer body construction.

In a statement he said:

At present the industry is fairly focused on metals as body materials. We believe that embracing hemp plastic will be viable for a wide range of vaporiser parts such as the core body, mouthpieces and so on. It is likely that the vaporizer industry will use steals for certain elements, for examples stainless chambers, titanium nails etc. However limiting steel use to elements only that will require steel will help us dramatically reduce the impact of mining caused by the Vaporizer industry. There seems to be increasing tolerance of hemp in Australia and we are certain many regions will be more progressive in this area. We believe manufacturers will already be able to procure and work with moulded hemp plastic materials that are durable, low cost and long lasting.

We ourselves intend on investing in the area of hemp plastic. We would love to be able to start this directly by stocking and retailing Vapes made of more conscious build materials. There are a range of options when it comes to ‘sustainable vapes’ in the market of various quality.

Areas of the market that will benefit from the use of hemp plastic and have a significant reduction in unfriendly materials use are the desktop and enail segment.

Although we love the vape industry, we are conscious of the fact that the current vape line up is heavy in use of materials we should be aiming to reduce the use of. In particular the use of materials that require the digging up of earth through mining that is often coupled with the use of chemicals that can poison water courses and kill wildlife. Given the likely scale of the industry as it expands, the sooner we address this the better it will be for humanity. It is perplexing that the motor industry has not embraced hemp plastic with open arms and still manufacture entire car bodies with steels. This is clearly the working of Evil doers. Heathen. Enemies of Humanity. Like Elon Musk.

We intend to fight to ensure that the vaporizer industry is not complacent about the effects that mining has on the earth and all of it’s inhabitants.

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