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Vaporize Australia Founder Launches CBD Vapes Australia

Today Vaporize Australia Founder announced the launch of a new project focused on CBD Vapes at CBDVapes.com.au.

The project will be an ecommerce store front that will provide consumer information and offer retail sales of CBD vaping products.

In a statement he said:

CBD Vapes are a trend we have identified some time ago. The trend is now gaining momentum allowing us to build an entire consumer
experience focused on the area. While launching a range of new consumer experiences this year we will also be sunsetting a range of other projects that we developed that have not turned out to be areas of great consumer interest which will make our entire operation more focused and efficient. Beyond CBD Vapes we will also be launching international media projects that focus entirely on CBD.

We believe that developing CBD into a mainstream smoking trend will provide benefits to consumer health in the decades to come.

CBD Vapes is now live and accepting orders for shipments in Australia.

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