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Vaporize Australia launch GPS Pilot to tackle culture of corruption in Australian courier and postal industry.

Today Vaporize Australia founder announced the launch of a GPS tracking pilot to address the widespread issue of postal theft and loss that occurs within Australia.

In a statement Vaporize Australia founder said.

The Pilot will entail the inclusion of GPS tracking devices in shipments to offer customers an additional level of security. The pilot will allow us to identify when items are go missing or are stolen. Our intention is to publish the information we gather and specifics about the incidents of with the data and information we gather. We will publish and bring into the public domain information such as:
– The Shipping provider which which the shipment was stolen from
– The shipping depot and town where the shipment was lost or stolen
– In cases where we can identify the driver or address where the article ends up, we will also bring this information into the public domain.
– The city or town where the article was stolen.

By bringing this information into the public domain we will be establishing a database public searchable on google so other ecommerce vendors researching theft within the postal system in Australia will begin to establish patterns. We as the e-commerce community can then invest wisely and choose where we spend our shipping dollars based on the loss and theft records of each vendor.

Vaporize Australia’s GPS Shipping Pilot will commence in March.

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