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Why Vaporize?

When you first discover the concept of vaporization, it is difficult to understand why someone would want to vaporize instead of smoking. After all, the apparatus do look kind of strange.

There are a few key reasons however that make vaporization a preference for many people.

When a substance is smoked the combustion or burning of the substances produces chemicals that are carcinogenic and have negative impacts on your health. Some of these chemicals include:

– Carbon Monoxide
– Hydrocarbons
– Tar

The vaporization process produces pure vapor from the botanical that contains up to 90% less carcinogenic chemicals created by combustion based smoking.

Vaporizing is becoming a popular alternative to smoking for both convenience and health reasons.

So check out some of our vaporizers and stay tuned to more blog posts and vaporizer info coming soon to vaporize.com.au.

2 thoughts on “Why Vaporize?

    1. Hi Yo Lz,

      All of our vaporizers can be used for any herbs that you choose. 🙂 The biggest choice you have to make is between Desktop or Portable. If you are looking for a portable ben that is good for dry herbs we recommend the CloudV.

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