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Vaporize.com.au support medical cannabis reform in Australia and will continue to advocate reform until every Australian with any medical condition that can benefit from use of cannabis has access.

The therapeutic benefits of Cannabis are being recognised globally and in the USA, Israel, Uruguay, Spain and a growing list of locations legal reform has ensured that people with medical conditions that can be treated with Cannabis have easy legal access.

Australia continues to lag behind the rest of the world and conservative politicians continue to block reforms that would allow progress on this issue and bring Australia up to standard with other nations.

Australians have the right to know that when they go to a GP or Hospital they are getting holistic treatment, not just what is being prescribed by pharmaceutical companies. If cannabis is known to be beneficial for any ailment, it should be being prescribed by Australian doctors.

We encourage all of our customers to support reform and be vocal in their own desire for medical cannabis reform in Australia.

Also, take the time to learn about others leading the push for reform in Australia.



Mullaways Medical Cannabis.
Dr Andrew Katelaris
Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation

6 thoughts on “Activism

  1. Well done on addressing in your specs, if the devices combustion burn or not. Great benefit to newewbies and everyone alike. Thanks for your support of the industry


  2. Very interesting. The links at the bottom are also useful. I am currently researching medical marijuana for my wife who suffers from a range of conditions, including Fibromyalgia and chronic migraines, all of which involves a lot of constant debilitating chronic pain. She is allergic to most forms of painkillers except for Panadol, which is very mild, and you have to be very careful not to take too much. Not only is she unable to work, neither am I, as I am her full time carer. I cannot even get out for more than short visits to the shops anymore, as she is liable to faint if she tries to go to the loo on her own. Everything I and others with her condition she knows online and in real life has researched and experienced shows great benefits from medical marijuana. Having recently tried it using a vaporiser with the help of a friend, the benefit is undeniable; she has been able to sleep through the night without constantly waking with pain for the first time in a long time, and is able to function more normally. That any politician would deny sufferers access to a herb with so much overwhelming evidence to its benefits is increasingly going from the ridiculous to almost criminally immoral. The only issue now for us is not it’s current legal status, but how to acquire what has become a necessary treatment. Why would the law make criminals of sick people?

  3. I think all the time about organising resistance to The Australian Governments corrupt ways
    I have signed every petition I can find to legalise cannabis because by banning hemp we destroy forest. Now look at the planet suffering from all sorts of ailments through lack of oxygen because of the lack of trees brought about by greed and the lust of power

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