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Should Asthma Australia be found negligent over asthma deaths in Australia?

Today in the SMH a story appeared about a young boy in Manchester passing from an Asthma Attack. There is a long documented history on the use of Cannabis for Asthma sufferers. Health foundations in Australia however suppress this information and simply let citizens die. They don’t refer them to the best medicine. They don’t tell Australians that nature can sometimes be the best medicine, better than what Pharma companies can make. Nor do they take a stance and fight for change in society so that positive health outcomes prevail.

If you spend any amount of time on these “Foundations” websites you will see there is no accurate information about Cannabis. It’s all about hush hush and suppression and then they refer you to the patented pharmaceutical. And they are not just negligent, they double dip and try and get you on multiple medicines for a single condition.

In a statement Vaporize.com.au’s Founding producer said:

The fact that Cannabis is beneficial for Asthma is not new news. It’s known but suppressed by these medical institutions because it enables them to refer patients to prescription medications. If you read the press about deaths they read like promotional referrals. Like, “Someone’s
died, lets get some press out so we can refer more people to our pharma drugs.” It’s a factory of profit and death and at no point is the onus on delivering the best medical advice the patient can get.

Keep your eyes peeled. The medical establishment is perpetrating a deception. Read the news stories and you will see “World First” plastered all over them. There is nothing world first about what is happening with Cannabis in Australia. There is nothing innovative or progressive being done with Cannabis in Australia. We are among the slowest to cast off the shackles of ignorance and oppression. We are among the last to speak up for our people. It reveals a culture of arrogance and ignorance in our medical institutions that does not belong and it reveals a political and media class that think they can get away with anything.

Over the coming years we hope to see mass citizen lead prosecution of these “Health Foundations” and the medical establishment in Australia. We think there is huge capacity for Australians to be compensated for the death of their loved ones. If you have had a family member pass or suffer and have been in touch with an Australian medical institution that have directed you away from Cannabis or not informed you about the natural health benefits of Cannabis there are elements of both criminality and negligence involved. Australians need to start using the legal system to correct this. Although recent history will show you that there is willful ignorance toward cannabis in Australia’s legal system as well that will change. The legal system is there to bring about justice. We believe this kind of activity will help the medical establishment in Australia refocus and remember why they are there.

We believe that there will be a long documented history of these institutions position on Cannabis and frankly speaking they should be held accountable for what people have been told. They are supposed to be the experts. They should have been telling people, it is not rocket science. All it requires is picking a flower from a plant.

In terms of the impacts of cannabis on Asthma, they are very real and they are very powerful. As an Asthmatic I have no doubt that if this family had been informed about Cannabis the boys life could have been saved no matter how powerful the Asthma attack. Cannabis provides both direct relief of irritation and inflammation in the lungs as well as providing stress relief and psychological relief that has the ability to almost turn an asthma attack off like a switch. The fact that these heavily funded bodies are suppressing this information is nothing short of negligence that should insult every Australian. It is not sensationalism construing this as murder.


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