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Why Australia and Australian Media should stand behind Dr Andrew Katelaris.

Today in the SMH there are articles demonising leading Australian Cannabis activist and Doctor Andrew Katelaris.

Before we delve into the story, don’t you find it really odd that leading Israeli Cannabis doctors that paved the way in Israel are not only funded but put on a pedestal and praised as great men. When the great men that have sacrificed so much for our rights are targeted and demonised? What sick force is it that perpetrates this deception on Australia?

I also find it fascinating that just a day ago we uncovered a multi billion dollar fraud being perpetrated on Australian workers by Mike Baird’s NSW government and not a peep of this in the SMH.

But the story at hand goes that Andrew Katelaris was performing what appeared to be fairly extreme medical procedures
and tests on patients, that resulted in the patients becoming sick. I won’t go into the medical detail as with these kind of extreme situations that is best left for the doctors, but I find it particularly strange that Katelaris who is still not able to source legitimate medicine is being demonised when the cause of the incident was clearly poor quality medicine. As if Australians believe there is an ounce of legitimacy in the bureaucratic nonsense erected purely to continue the red-tape genocide that has already gone on for so long.

If you are farmiliar with Katelaris’s historic work, you will know he has lamented about the lack of publicly available cancer data and trials relating to Cannabis. Of course he is going to continue to push the boundaries, so we as a community and we as a nation can continue to learn about the role Cannabis plays in curing cancer. Action is required, data is needed and we don’t have to wait for the institutions that have already demonstrated they will happily let Australians die and profit from the death before we take action ourself as a community. There is no one more trustworthy in Australia to lead than Katelaris.

Shouldn’t it be that as he has lead Australia in this field of Cannabis, that he be allowed to continue to lead? Shouldn’t he be given some kudos for the great work he has done? Or are we just going to remain a horde of greedy hungry back stabbers that disregard our own pioneers?

Funnily enough I was on a phone call a few weeks ago with a not as great man telling me a story about Dr Andrew Katelaris’s treatment to an Australian Family. The Family in question was none other than the Haslam Family. The story went that during the time Daniel was suffering from Cancer, Dr Katelaris walked into their home at a random time, told the family to stop staring at the TV and that they were not doing a very good job of Daniels Care. Lucy was apparently shocked.

When I first heard the story on the phone, it sounded a little extreme and I was concerned. About 5 minutes after the call it occurred to me that Dr Katelaris was doing exactly what he thought needed to be done to heal the boy. Telling a family to get away from the TV while they are dying of Cancer would be the best way to help a healing cancer patient, knowing that TV in Australia is full of Fraud, Lies and deception. So a doctor telling families extreme truths to help them healing is not concerning at all, it is relieving that there are still a few people out there decent enough to act this way.

So we stand behind Katelaris 100% and can easily see through the commercial interests of Australian media that is so frightfully corrupt that it actually pays cancer fraudsters like Belle Gibson huge sums of money to spread her sociopathic tendencies into our communities.

Dear SMH, Its probably about time you change your tone about Katelaris and the work he is doing, because we haven’t forgotten the work he has done. And you would be best served focusing your attentions to the massive government fraud that is being perpetrated on hard working Australian citizens.

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