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Imagining an Australian Cannabis Industry

In the hills of Nimbin there is a small tea shop. The people gather daily and on sunny days there is a certain peaceful hum about the place. There are a range of herbal teas on offer and if you get hit with the munchies hemp haloumi wraps are provided to stop things getting out of hand. The people sit, play chess drink tea & communicate with each other. It’s hard to imagine this should be illegal.

In fact….It’s hard to imagine that there aren’t tea shops like this all over Australia. Where people can enjoy their day at a slower pace. Instead of running around a city scape desperately clutching at dollars signs.

These kind of shops could be completely commercially viable. Low cost base, because all you would need most is your creativity….a little energy….and of course the right herbs.

You would all most certainly need to do a good job with the herbs. That’s the tough part in Australia. The government makes cannabis illegal so you never really know what you are getting or what is being smoked. A lot of cannabis sold in Australia is terrible quality compared to the commercially grown medicinal strains available in the USA.

But with some good herbs and the right herbal vaporizer, toasting these herbs can be downright civil.

I mean….those guys are allowed to have their alcohol shops. They are scattered out all over Australia. I was in one of them the other day. Ducked into the mens bathroom and there was a little sign asking me if I was depressed. Not really I thought. Just having a few drinks after a hard weeks work.

These signs could just as easily say, life is short. Have a free happy life. Live naturally in the state of abundance that nature provides us if we harness it wisely. But the signs don’t say that. They say that you might be depressed, and if you are depressed you could maybe benefit from a prescription medication.

Ultimately you as a consumer choose which sign you believe. The one that says you might be depressed, take this pill. Or, these herbs grow here naturally, toast them…..connect with yourself and nature around you. Be a part of your community. Etc etc etc.

Surely if they can put their ….life might be hard, take a pill, get a credit card, buy this object it-will-make-u happy signs up…..we can put our…..toast-these-herbs, enjoy that sunshine, live this life signs up. Surely that would be perfectly legal, Gentlemen.

Ultimately those with the greatest reach in marketing determine what eventuates in culture and society. The alcohol industry doesn’t seem to be limited in their reach and all pervasiveness. From football games to major commercial sponsorships, alcohol is fed into our culture and lifestyle like it were just the way that things are supposed to be.

But we could easily do the same with those herbs and these tea shops. And we could put little signs up everywhere like they do in Nimbin….about the importance of things like love and nature and community and so forth….

My preference is a little herb. That’s all I’m saying. Nobody needs to go to prison over this. In fact…..maybe we need to reach out to the people who have and say sorry. Even the ones that just have a blemish on their record that makes their life just that bit harder. These are our own people now……why write rules that turn these people into criminals for doing something that is almost certainly perfectly natural.

It’s time for Australia to start imagining a new cannabis industry. Because an Australian Cannabis industry there will be. The laws that are being upheld by the current crop of politicians that very few Australian’s have any regard for the credibility of anyway will be outdated by the growing global consensus that cannabis is not only not dangerous, but also a very powerful plant that can be used for the benefit of your health and wellbeing.

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