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News.com.au Found Spreading Cannabis Lies

A recent news story from France covering the death and debilitation of a number of people who participated in a clinical drug trial was covered by News.com.au and reported on with horrific inaccuracy.

Cannabis Lies

News.com.au ran with a front-page story claiming that the cause of the deaths was a Cannabis Pain killer, however anyone who researched further would easily find that France’s health minister immediately denied that the drug contained any Cannabis compounds at all.

The UK’s Guardian wrote:

Contrary to earlier reports, the health minister Marisol Touraine stressed that the drug did not contain cannabis or any element derived from cannabis. The minister said the drug was meant to act on the body’s endocannabinoid system. It had an impact on receptors which regulate pain, mood or appetite.

In a statement about the incident Vaporize.com.au founding producer said:

All of the information coming from France indicated that the drug being trialled on patients contained no Cannabis compounds at all. They were however
intended to act on the human bodies systems designed to accept and respond to Cannabis compounds.

In other words, Big Pharma knows the criticality of the endocannabinoid system to a wide variety of the bodies functions and are working on Synthetic drugs to
act on this System.

This is all very well and good but it demonstrates how Big Pharma destroys lives through their own pursuit of profits, lives that would be saved and enhanced just by
opening up legal access to Cannabis. Legalising Cannabis like they have in many other jurisdictions would restore basic human rights to Australians who deserve them.

Frankly speaking this mis-information and deliberate deception being propagated by Murdoch media is expected. They have a payroll full of compliant people mortgaged up to the hilt and clearly have relationships with the Alcohol industry and other engrained industries that seek to derail Australia’s coming Cannabis industry. This media would perpetuate any lies to put ignorance and fear into the Australian population.

Australians need to be aware that their news media are deliberately deceiving them and the incorrect information that they are being fed could have serious health consequences in relation to medical decisions that they make for themselves and their family.

Our view is that News.com.au should publish a full retraction and apology for running with such a widely inaccurate story.

Any person with even a basic level of human intelligence should know that consuming Cannabis compounds would not cause brain damage as Cannabis is non-toxic, natural and Safe.

In fact people could eat a bucket load of Natural Cannabis and not die. It is inherently safer than most Pharmaceutical products on the market.

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