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I toast my herbs. And I pay my taxes.

Oh for real? You too?

If you are anything like us. You’ll toast your herbs. And you’ll pay your taxes.

And you’re probably getting to a point in your life where you’re starting to say to yourself.

Hey man.

I toast my herbs.

And I pay my taxes.

And there you’ll be sitting there toasting your herbs and paying your taxes and wondering why there are all these people telling you that you should be paying your taxes but not toasting your herbs. But it don’t make no sense man. It don’t make no sense at all.

The herbs never hurt anyone. The herbs were put here for some reason? The herbs can’t be that bad. So why all these tense authoritative types telling you that you shouldn’t be toasting your herbs. And now as you sit there and ponder…..Why can those guys in Colorado pay their taxes and toast their herbs at the same time? Why them? Why not me?

You sit. You toast. You ponder.

Something’s wrong here. Something has to change.

Because you wouldn’t keep paying your taxes and being told that you can’t toast some herbs from time to time. When just across the ocean they can. And then you think. Hold on. They can do that in Uruguay too? And I pay my taxes and can’t. 10% GST. And no herbs? Income tax. No herbs? Rates. No herbs?

You toast. You stand. You wonder.

Surely something can be done about this? But what can I do? Little old me?

Relax now. There is something you can do.

You can get out there and twitter and be all like…

You can write a letter to your local MP.

You turn to your colleagues at your office today and start a polite, intellectual conversation about herb tostage and tax paying. Let them know it’s an issue you feel strongly about.

You can boycott any businesses or politicians that take an anti herb toasting stance.

They’re just a few suggestions. But don’t be limited to our ideas. Get creative. Follow your own path. But if you toast your herbs and pay your taxes. Don’t be shy now. Let it be known.


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