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Trees from the Streets. 

In day to day polite conversation in San Francisco, it is not uncommon to be asked the question “Where do you get your weed from?”. Despite the fact recreational cannabis is still illegal in California, the feeling of liberty and acceptance of cannabis in the bay area is so profound you would not know it.

So in response to that question you need to be sure that your weed is coming from somewhere special. The most exclusive up-market limited addition one-time-only weed that you can possibly procure. That is what you must be smoking on to impress your herbaly inclined friends and associates.

So when the locals asked me where I got my weed from and responded with “on the streets”, I was usually met with a polite but perplexed Californian “Oh?”.

“Is this guy poor? Is he lost or confused?” These are the thoughts that rushed through their minds.

But no. No. I’m good. My herb buying habits have not changed.

It’s not hard to find people dishing out medicinal on the streets of San Francisco. In fact on my first trip there a wandering Herbsman served me up something medicinal right in front of the Westfield San Francisco Centre like he were Pat Cash. Yes, that much in public. That openly. No mind paid.

The African American street dealers on the corners range from the shabby and desperate dudes palming off their weed crumbs to efficient, organised and dignified operators.

Brandy catered to my needs on my latest journey to Frisco.

Brandy introduced herself and then casually walked me into her local check cashing office where she served me half an ounce of Kush like she were Lendl. Right there on the counter she pulled out her mini scales and tray and measured up the medicinal with the precision and compassion you would expect from a dispenscary.

What about the people behind the counter I asked? Don’t they care?

“No, I sell them their weed too.” she replied.

What about the Police I asked?

“They don’t care about weed anymore. They only care about rocks.”

That’s fine by me I thought. I don’t need rocks anyways. My Bonsai garden is all good.

SanFran Street Corner

The price was reasonable and the quality exceptional. It felt good to support these peoples commercial initiatives. I mean, they have expenses too. Foodsavers and scissors don’t come free.

If Peter Thiel can make a dollar off of this stuff, surely too can the people who have been locked up for it for the last generations.

The Kush broke down nicely and on rolling left your fingers covered with a delectable light fluffy powder that was punctuated with the flower’s light orange hairs. This is the kind of stuff that would make you want to learn about your terpenes. Like Horatio has.

The experience reminded me of buying weed from the streets of Nimbin. After a while I learned that the best deals came from the local Aboriginals, not the hippies and definitely not the gronks. It would make sense that these people know a little something about the local flora. 60,000 years of history would teach you something about that. Working with them you may even find a greater degree of decency than in the people you work with at your 9 to 5 corporate job. At least that’s what I’ve found in my experience.

So whether Aboriginal, African American, Asian, Australian or Eskimo. Let it be known that it is your liberty to take your position in the emerging cannabis industries. This is not an Industry that needs to be owned and operated by the 1%. These are our herbs. This is our industry.

If Peter Thiel can be about his trees, you can too. Just because Peter may have got the nod at Bilderberg circa 2012, doesn’t mean that you don’t have the nod too. You do. We all do.

Now I know what you are saying to yourself. There you go again. Getting all Bilderberg conspiracy like on Peter Thiel. That’s not cool man. Pete don’t deserve it.

But relax. It’s not like that. We know that Peter is not that kind of guy. Read up on it bro. Peter is a libertarian. That means he believes in your liberty like he believes in his own.

These are our herbs. We are free to do with them as we please. You are free to participate in the cannabis business. Just like Peter Thiel is free to participate in the cannabis business. You are free to trade your cannabis, buy your cannabis & sell your cannabis. Just like Peter is.

Peter has the liberty to attend the Bilderberg conference. Just like you do. Oh….. Well……This liberty thing pans out most of the time anyways.

You may still find that things like the….oh…umm Police force may still be an obstacle to your liberty. But relax. They will be going away soon too.

So that’s why our trees still come from the streets. This is the behaviour of a true libertarian. Keep an eye out for Peter on those street corners. He’ll be coming for that sack soon.

Purple Flowers from the street against the backdrop of Kenneth Cole.


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