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Vaporize Australia founder announces goal of eradicating all smoking induced lung cancer.

To date we have spoken a little bit about Vaporisation and Lung cancer. Our vape offering and approach is quite unique in the market. However today we are outlining our broader plan to tackle lung cancer in the community. Not only do we intend to directly address lung cancer through smoking behaviour, we have a far broader plan that will support health of individuals in society by reducing stress in society and supporting quality lifestyles.

Although this may seem like some type of over ambitious marketing ploy, the fact of the matter is that many researchers believe that smoking induced lung cancer is a modern phenomena. And although tobacco and smoking itself is often cited as the only cause it is far more complex than that. Other significant factors need to be cited to understand the phenomena that is lung cancer, namely the industrialisation of tobacco production and the use of chemicals in the cultivation of tobacco and the manufacture of cigarettes. Through this you can see that the governments regulation that takes the ability to grow organic tobacco and both remove the chemical aspect and also places financial burden on individuals is obviously a significant contributor to the health impact of smoking. Isn’t it ironic that the government, the greatest benefactors of the smoking industry through taxation have also been one of the biggest causers of cancer through regulation that enforces industrialisation. And yet this is the exact approach they are taking with Cannabis. Clearly a sociopathic contradiction that can only come from the criminal elites who have favoured destruction for self interest on this plane for centuries.

We are already in a great position to achieve our target of the elimination of smoking induced cancer having built one of the world’s first global public facing digital smoking product and behaviour data capture and dissemination platforms.

So beyond our responsibility to encourage good smoking behaviour and sell quality product we feel that the biggest piece of work involves attacking parasitic behaviour in society that places undue stress on the population. The below is an outline of the work we will embark on to attack the extraneous factors that put pressure on the Australian Population and force them in to patterns of stress and smoking. Our intention is to:

– Seek the prosecution and dissolution of any scientific and medical bodies who have worked in service to the state during the time of cannabis prohibition who have been part of the delay or prevention of access to Cannabis medicine.
– Seek reparations be paid by banking institutions who have profited from the prohibition of plant based medicines and the forcing of communities into synthetic medicines sold by for-profit pharmaceutical corporations.
– Seek the dissolution of all government funded intelligence agencies involved in the simulation falsification of events designed to divide and place fear in the population. We will seek that such bodies pay reparations to the community for the involvement in fabrication of events passed off as reality for the purpose of manipulating the communities perceptions of reality.
– Encourage the community to disregard any orders, rules or regulations enforced by global bodies such as the united nations and world health organisation. We will not allow ourselves to become the target of bodies that have encircled and divided us and have been forums for governmental and corporate bodies involved in activities such as population control and population reduction.
– Seek the prosecution of Oil incorporations who’s oils and additives have polluted the air of major cities globally for decades and have paid no reparations for their contribution to the modern phenomena that is lung cancer.
– Seek the prosecution of oligarchical families who have knowingly and willingly profited through relations with national and overarching global governmental bodies from programs related to population management or reduction.
– Seek the abolishment of any rules or regulations that prohibit home cultivation of plants such as tobacco and cannabis that force citizens to consume products of industrial cultivation and prevent them from having full control of the plant substances that they consume.
– Seek the prosecution and dissolution of all Masonic and Magical oriented bodies, in particular bodies that are formally incorporated and run as for profit organisations in service to the state that are involved in creation and dissemination of simulated events. This can be the falsification of events through the use of actors or the falsification of events through use of computer generated imagery designed to impress fear and division on the general public. Through this we hope to end the the use of ‘false light’ as a means of population control and manipulation to the advantage of specific incorporated bodies or societal classes.
– Seek the prosecution and seizure of assets of media incorporations who have knowingly and purposefully been involved in the production or dissemination of simulated or falsified events projected toward the community as naturally occurring events resulting from the forces of nature.
– Seek the immediate abolishment of all national debts incurred during times in which governments were involved in the production and dissemination of simulated and staged events presented to the community as ‘reality’ or works of nature.

The purpose of this body of work is to tackle the most often disregarded aspect of lung cancer. The extraneous factors that lead to stress in citizens lives, cause habitual and repeated smoking of unhealthy substances like tobacco and increase the risk of cancer.

It is our view that through these actions we will return mankind to the service of creation and help all members of society to adapt behaviours that will facilitate the reduction in stress induced smoking and gain greater control of their health and their being. This in conjunction with encouraging the use of health impact reduction devices and the use of natural organic herbs we believe will set optimal conditions for the reduction of stress induced smoking and the formation of cancers.

The economic and systemic changes that these actions will bring about will be profound. There are a broad range of political and establishment players directly implicated in the above mentioned crimes, including the current serving prime minister who has been directly involved in the falsification and simulation of events to serve the interests of corporate bodies.

We are entirely sure that the strengthening of human to human communication and economic activity and the removal of middlemen from the affairs of good creating people will help humanity return to a state of abundance and good health that specific organisations and entities on this planet have sought to deprive us of.

Once all of the above mentioned actions have been accomplished we will seek to refine our activity to further reduce to probability of stress and smoking induced lung cancer in the community.

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