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First Price Cuts Complete

Guys, Ive just done a run of price Cuts. I want people to be able to come into the shop and spend $100 and walk out with few new smoking […]

Run Out Sales Coming Soon.

Guys, Ive been running vaporize for years now. When you start a project and it puts food on your table for half a decade it is truly a blessing. Without […]

5 New Projects in 2020.

So it looks like we are embarking on 5 new projects in 2020. None of them will be on Netflix. Realistically I will be starting builds and doing announcements between […]

Grow Update

Over the Past Few Months I have had a few folks get in touch and ask about the herb products we are producing. Apologies I haven’t been that great in […]

Shipping Delays This Week Only

Hey Floks, For those who have ordered this week shipments are delayed but will leave this week. Im doing some free express upgrades also so you should get it about […]