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What It’s Like Ordering Cannabis Online In Australia In 2023

Cannabis Australia

Going To Keep Doing Advocacy Work On Vaporize Australia.

Wanted To Write Up An Update And Give People A Guide About What It’s Like Getting Cannabis Online In Australia.

In Other Nations. You Can Grab Herbs From A Street Cart. It’s That Easy And Convenient. 

A Month Or Two Ago Now, I Had A Bit Of A Crap Day. 

I Was Online Researching. A Bunch Of People Claiming To Sell Cannabis. 

One Place, Had A Strain That I Like. They Were Offering A QP – I Think Thats Like 4Oz.

For About $400. I Was Going To Pull The Trigger. 

Then I Kinda Thought. Thats A Hella Good Deal. For Australia. 

And I Researched A Bit. And People Told All Kinds Of Stories About Ordering And Then Getting Shook Down For More Money For Shipping. And Then More For Insurance. Some Type Of Bullshit Like That. And The Reviews All Talked About WhatsApp. All Of The Disgruntled Stories Of Buyers.

So I Thought I’d Dial Down The Purchase To $100 – Tried A Different Site. And Just Went For Some THC Carts.

This Is The Dude I Purchased From. These Are His Bank Details.

Account name; Pagna Kheng
BSB: 733108
Account: 501198

It’s An Asian Name. Thats The Name The Bank Account Is In. 

That Name Is Cambodian And Bhutanese. 

Short Of The Long Is He Took Me For $100 Bucks. Nothing Came In The Mail.

And After I Ordered He Tried To Get Me On WhatApp. Any Time WhatsApp Is Related. It’s A Scam. 

It’s A Saturn Cult Term. 

I’m Pretty Sure This Is The Shop I Ordered From. 


So There Are A Bunch Of Sites Running Fronts For Cannabis Shops. I Also Had Shops Give Me Bank Of China Bank Details. So It Seems To Be Asians Running Online Scams And Thieving From Australians. Pretty Scummy Shit. 

They Know Because It’s The End Of Time. They Are Trying To Money Rape People But Also Keep Our Consciousness Low So They Don’t Want Us With Cannabis.

I Want To Tell Another Related Story Here. But Short Of The Long Is. It’s Not Worth Trying To Order Weed Online. I Can’t See Anything That Doesn’t Look Like A Scam.

Story I Wanted To Tell. On MasterTeacher.Me I Have A Video About, Do You Need To Smoke As Much Weed After You Open Your Pineal Gland. 

What I Wanted To Teach You Is People Get All Kinds Of Stupid Ideas In Their Head About This Shit. 

I Was In Thailand. Smoking Heavy. Then Some Shit Popped Off.

But I Hit This New Town. It Was A Bit Less Touristy. 

Heaps Funny Moment, I Walked Right Up To This Thai Pigger. And Said In Thai. 

Do You Know Where I Can Buy Ganja?

Because There Was No Real Place To Buy Weed In This Town.

Then I Left The Town, Never Having Found Ganja.

And Hit The Next Place. And First Night. This Thai Douche Bag In A Ganja Shirt Rocks Up To Me. On A Motorcycle.

I Asked Him If He Could Help Me Get Some Ganja. He Goes All Strange. He Can’t Help. 

So People Get This Funny Idea In Their Head. Just Like Blocking You From Pussy. 

They Are Like, If They Block You From Ganja You Will Wilt Like A Flower.

It’s Not Quite That Extreme. Maybe If The Block You For 5 Years You Will Lose Your Pep.  

But Really They Just Don’t Understand Human Energy. 

Realistically The Best Thing To Keep A Supply Of Basic Herbal Meds Is To Produce Your Own.

You Can Find People Shipping Seeds.

I Tried A Shop In Kingaroy MadCanna.

Wasn’t The Best of Experiences But At The End Of The Day, Its Great People Do This In Australia. I Will Be Trying Other Shops Soon. 

Things Went Wrong With This Guy When I Purchased A Pack Of Regular Seeds.

They Mysteriously Didn’t Show Up. And Then I Had To Battle For A Refund.

It’s Funny Because I Didn’t Plan To Purchase Those Seeds For Any Reason. I Hung Out For Weeks To Buy Packs Of Purple Autos From Him, And As Soon As I Was Ready To Buy They Were Sold…..Gone….

So I Ended Up Just Choosing A Pack Of Regulars That Were The Best Value For Money. And He Goes All Funny On Me. Why?

If You Look At Most Seed Shops, People Might Not Notice But They Only Sell Fems And Autos.

For 95% Of People, Its Not A Problem Thats All You Need.

But If You Want Real Security, Its Best To Be Able To Get Your Hands On Male Plants And Produce Some Seed At Home. Another Thing, For Reasonable Prices You Can Find Places That Will Ship You 100 Fem Seeds Of Nice Strains. Again That Covers Most People And If You Bring In 100 Fem Seeds You Are Probably Covered For 1 – 2 Years.

Anyways, I Am Going To Be Writing About Seed Security On Growrooms.au Soon. 

And I Am Going To Be Announcing A Project In The Seed Area With Special Dimensions In The Months To Come.

The Last Thing I Want To Talk About Is The Australian Prescription System. 

I Have Spent Some Time Looking Into It. 

Firstly When You Hit These Sites And There Is All Kinds Of Masonic Symbolism. 

Why Would You Go And Consult With Doctors Flashing Up A Bunch Of Watches And Black Telephones And Stuff?

Sounds Like A Waste Of Time.

Because There Is Such Malicious Medical Intent Within The Government. I Would Be Reluctant To Take Their Consultation.

I Have Spotted A Few Large Review Sites Relating To Medical Cannabis Service Providers In Australia. Its Good To Be Able To See What Other People Experience.

I Will Be Testing The Waters With Prescription Maybe Some Time In The New Year. It Costs Between 1 – 200 Dollars. But Again I Don’t Want To Have Detailed Medical Conversations With The Government. I Might Just Apply On The Basis Of Migraines. 

Generally The Best Advice I Can Give Australians Is Producing A Little Herb In Your Own Home And Experimenting With Strains Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Personal Medical Security.


Ordering Cannabis Online Is Not An Option Yet In Australia. There Are Some Options For Seeds Within Australia And Some International Sites Ship Seed. Prescriptions Are An Option But Come With The Risk Of Dealing With A Corrupt Government. If They Are Trying To Kill You With COVID, What Are They Doing To Their Cannabis? 

The Best Option Is To Take Your Medical Affairs Into Your Own Hands, Develop The Skill Of Cannabis Cultivation And Produce Herb For Your Own Medical Requirements.

That’s My Experience Trying To Get My Hands On Medical Herb In Australia In 2023. The Nations Systems And Infrastructure Are Still Not Sufficient Enough To Protect The Cultivation Of Human Life On The Lands.


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