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Mission & Beliefs

Vaporize.com.au's Mission

Our Beliefs

  • The lowest impact way of smoking is not smoking at all. If you really care about your health don’t use any method of smoking.
  • But smoking has been around for a long time and it’s kind of a social cultural thingy too. So people are probably going to keep doing it…
  • So if you are going to do that, vaporizing is better than smoking.
  • It’s not as bad for you as smoking because there is less bad stuff in the Vapor. So if you put less bad stuff in your lungs, you get less healthy less fast…
  • If you don’t want to vaporize your botanicals, eat them. We’re cool with that too.
  • There’s an art to it too. It’s kind of like those people that get all giddy about wine or tea or something. Lots of interesting vapes, and recipes and flavors and such…lots to explore…

Our Mission is simple. We want to ship the best vaporizers available to as many Australians possible. We are passionate about health impact minimisation and aim to provide vaporizers and information that will help our customers achieve this.

One thought on “Mission & Beliefs

  1. I bought a vaporizer from these guys and it works great, very affordable for what it is! I wouldn’t hesitate to order from vaporize.com.au again.

    Thanks for helping us stay away from combustion!

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