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Vaporize.com.au partner with some of the world’s leading brands in the herbalism and alternative health space. We offer:
– The fastest and most cost effective shipping service in Australia.
– Guaranteed insured shipments.
– Exceptional customer service and after sales care.
– Storage in high security facilities.
– Brochure and pamphlet inclusion in shipments – Grow your brand’s awareness by working with us.
– A growing list of exposure opportunities in Australia and Internationally.

Vaporize.com.au work best with brands who:
– Have a successful product or product ecosystem.
– Have gone through multiple iterations of product release.
– Are digitally minded and value operational efficiency and system automation.
– Have established websites, marketing materials and commercial systems in place.
– Are focused on creating products that are supportive of human health and a positive lifestyle.
– Are environmentally minded and create products and have shipping practices that are sustainable.

Even though this reflects what we look for in partners, we are also always willing to invest the time to partner with new entrants in the market and support new products that have potential to break into the Australian market.