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420 Science Glass Jars

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy…

We were super excited when we first got our hands on tightvac herb containers.

But this is a different. This is a whole other level of herbal storage.

The first feeling you get when you hold a 420 science jar is that you are holding something that has been crafted, something high quality. This is a herb jar that you will be passing down to your children. When they are a suitable age of course. And when you hand down that herb jar from there the stories will flow. Of all the herbs that you had in your time. The natural green ones. The frosty purple ones. The fuzzy white ones. Oh, and the sticky orange ones. As the stories flow your children will gaze at you with envy.

420 Science Glass Herb Jar 150ml Small

On the large 420 jars the glass feels thick and high quality. The smaller jars are a little thinner but are perfectly formed herb jars suitable for a 1/4 ounce. The designs on these jars are made with fine ground glass and baked on with heat. The designs don’t appear super bright, but really come out in natural light. On the base of the Jar is the 420 science leaf logo, as if to say “we made this”.

The highlight of these jars is the perfect vacuum seal lid. The plastic seal that grips the base of the lid fits snugly on the jar. Herbs will stay air tight in this thing for a decade. But why would you want to do that?

It’s time for you to come out of the herbal closet and store your herbs in public. Store your herbs in pristine crystal clear glass where they will be teased and tickled by rays of natural day light.

Come out of the closet now. Herbs Loud. Herbs Proud.


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