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ClouldV Phantom Herbal – You’re in control now.

The CloudV Phantom is a herbal vaporizer that fits somewhere in between the portable vaporizer and vape pen categories.

Vaporization in the CloudV phantom happens in a long deep solid steel chamber. The chamber design is what prevents combustion and makes the Phantom a true vapor pen.

You’re at liberty to put any herbs that you choose into your CloudV Phantom. No one should be able to stop you from doing that.

The Phantom has a hard body made with ribbed steel and really feels good any which way you choose to hold it. With this thing in your hands a world of herbal bliss awaits.

And while your friends are still hooked on burning those nasty addictive tobacco sticks, there you are sat like a boss blowing clouds of lavender flower and orange peel to the ceiling. You’re in complete control here.

You might want to take a little damiana and mix it up with some lemon grass. A mix that you may find takes some of that tension off and helps you nod off to sleep. Big pharma stock holders aren’t going to like that one. Oh well.

You could also pack your Phantom with a little mugwort and spearmint. A blend that may promote lucid dreaming. You’re in control there too. Know that.

There are three temperature settings on the CloudV Phantom. You’re in control of these. Once the Phantom reaches the first vaporization temperature all you have to do is hold the button down for a few seconds and it will begin heating to the next level. The light for the first setting is green. We call this the aroma zone. The vapor at this level is light, fluffy and plentiful. It is hard to believe a pen produces this kind of vapor. With each heating level the vapor production is so robust that after a few puffs you are going to want pop the cap off and give your herbs a stir. You have complete control of the herbs in the chamber even mid session as the mouthpiece is held to the chamber with a seal. You can pull it off, stir your herbs pack them down or even add some more even while the heating chamber is active.

Vaporization becomes more intense at the higher heat levels. Our favourite setting on the Phantom was the second level (blue) where it felt like the vapor was thick enough and quality enough that we were getting the essence of the herb but not going as far as roasting the herbs. The highest temperature setting (red) produces the most vapor but the flavour starts to get a little heavier.

Charging on the Phantom Premium happens through a standard USB Cable. Battery life is long enough that it will easily last you a few sessions, but you’re not going to want to go on a camping trip without access to power. You should also be able to charge your Phantom off an external battery, like you might use to boost your iPhone.

We see that you have herbs in your future and that the CloudV phantom is the perfect vape pen to take you on that journey.

Take control of your herbal destiny and grab a CloudV Phantom from Vaporize.com.au and stay tuned for a review of the CloudV Terra coming soon.


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