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Product Test: Da Kube Launch box

Recently we hit the road with the desire to road test a portable vaporizer that would be small, compact and easy to pack into an already crammed travel bag. After looking through our shelves for a while we couldn’t help but notice that ‘Da Kube’ was packed away in the smallest little black box making it the perfect choice for this road test.

So let’s start by being clear. Da Kube is not an original and unique product. It is inspired by the original Magic Flight Launch Box and sold as a cheaper version of this product. So if you are one of those people who only goes with originals Da Kube is not the one for you.

When unpacking the small black tin box that Da Kube Launch Box comes in you will find:

  • The Launch Box itself in a little black velvet bag.
  • A battery charger.
  • A small Australian power converter that goes with the charger.
  • 2 x batteries.
  • A glass tube you use to take draws from the box.
  • A little cleaning brush you can use to clean herbs from the box.
  • All the usual paperwork like instructions and stuff.

Our first experience vaporizing with Da Kube was awesome. We really enjoyed it and will give it to you straight, we think it is a great vaporizer, great value for money and worth your buying. But it has some up sides and some down sides so we’ll tell you about both.

Good things about Da Kube Launch Box

Da Kube is a little box of awesomeness. It is so small and easy to hold and the fit to your hand feels natural. It’s not like you are fumbling around with it or struggling to get all the bits to fit together. This convenient size and ease of use makes us also think that it would be a great unit to pass around with a group of friends.

You get great vapor draws out of Da Kube. Even though it is a small battery operated unit don’t be in fear that you are not going to get any vapor from your launch box. You will, but keep reading because we talk more about this Vapor in the review below…

So the good bits in summary…..Da Kube is small, handy, casual, conspicuous and cool….

Not good things about Da Kube Launch Box.

One word. Burnage. Ok so that is not a word. But the herbs burned. If you get the length of time you hold the battery down wrong, you can toast your herbs. No problem with that if you like your herbs ‘well done’, but if you are desperately trying to keep the bad stuff that comes from combustion out of your lungs, then this is not the vaporizer for you. We would recommend going up market and getting something a little more pricey as high quality vaporizers tend to do a better job of vaporization.

On top of the the burning, we found that vaporization as a whole was not even and consistent. At the end of our test it seemed that some of the herbs were burnt and some not vaporized at all. This may be improved by grinding your herbs finely but this could also increase the chance of combustion happening.

We also thought that you could use any batteries in this but upon testing turns out that you can’t. That means that with only two rechargeable batteries you can find yourself out of juice if you are away from a charge point for any length of time.


We’ve nearly done said everything we have to say about Da Kube Launch Box. Probably more of a first vape for someone who is looking to find out what it is all about for a small price. Indispensable for the social traveller or people who love being in the outdoors.

So get one now or check out our other portable vaporizers and product tests.

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