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Herbs to grind?

You arrive home after a hard day at work. Dishes to wash. Bills to pay. Emails to write. Herbs to grind.

And while sometimes it all might sound like a chore, it doesn’t have to be if you equip yourself with the appropriate herb grinding equipment. For those in the know, herb grinding can become the best part of your day.

Choosing the right herb grinder is important. In fact it may be the most important decision you have to make. Ever.

So here are some tips to guide you through the complex world of herb grinders that will help you make the right decision when choosing a herb grinder for you.

Grinder of Kings.

Headchef grinders are herb grinders fit for kings and noblemen. There are battery grinders and there are vibrating grinders and they are all good and well, but nothing beats the satisfaction of grinding your herbs with your own two hands. Headchef grinders are made with premium grade metals and all contain super sharp teeth that will grind through any herbs you will care to throw in them. We choose to grind our own herbs with a 55mm 4 Part Red Headchef. Believe us when we say, with this Headchef grinding is no chore. It’s a blessing. As the sharp silver teeth cut through the delicious herbs, the finely ground herbs tumble down into the middle chamber leaving a collection of freshly hand ground herbs for you to scoop into your vaporizer. The herbal aromas will titillate. And down below at basement level, a layer of frost begins to build for later use.

For those that like to grip their grinder with both bare man hands and tear through their herbs like a beast, the 55mm 2 Part Bronze Headchef grinder is for you. There is no sieve in this grinder, so no treats for you aside from the herbs that you’re grinding. The spaced teeth and wide size of this grinder makes it perfect for those grinding larger floral arrangements. You may even wish to start with this wide grinder and then scoop your herbs into something finer to grind them down to that next level. Woah. Creative.

For petite and delicate grinders, the 30mm 2 Part Black Headchef Grinder is perfect for grinding boutique buds. You could use your thumb and forefinger to grind with this and raise your pinky finger up in the air while doing so. Sophisticated really. But do note that grinding through a pound with this thing could become quite the mission.


Want to grind your herbs automagically? Understandable. Reasonable. Logical. Battery operated grinders are for those who make the conscious and practical decision to grind their herbs un-manually. But has your day really been that hard? If so, you deserve a battery operated herb grinder and should buy one of these things quickly. Chop grinders have a small plastic container on the end. You just pop your herbs in and press a button then pow. Herbs ground. These work best with drier botanicals and are not as effective with super sticky herbs.

Back to basics.

Just need a simple grinder? Dull man. But fine. Whatever. Our range of spliff grinders are for you if you just need a basic value herb grinder that grinds just the same as the others but with just a little less grinding flare. We’ve got them in different colours and sizes and stuff too.

We’ve got more to come in the grinder department in the future, because those that grind know that grinding matters.


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