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Product Test: Arizer Solo

The Arizer Solo is a small portable hand held vaporizer. As far as portable vaporizers go, The Arizer Solo is pretty good. The first thing to note about the Arizer Solo is that it feels like a quality vaporizer when you hold it. It doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy and the pipes that come with it are made from glass.

The two most notable qualities of the Arizer Solo are:
1. Its considerably long battery life.
2. The high quality vapor it produces.

The battery on the Arizer Solo lasts a long time. Now don’t go crazy thinking you will be able to take this thing on an epic Trek without a plan B and have it vaporizing the whole time. It does run out of battery and you do need to charge it. But with its long battery life you should expect to be able to vaporize 6 – 10 bowls before it runs out of juice. That’s pretty good for a portable vape and makes it perfect for beach weekends and camping trips.

Even though the Arizer Solo has epic battery life, accessories like Car Chargers and AC Adaptors are available to make sure you can charge it wherever your travels take you. (It comes with one AC Adaptor.)

And that quality vapor. The Arizer Solo has a ceramic heating element. When the unit is fully heated at 7 your herbs are turned into thick dense vapor with ease. This is the coolest thing about the Arizer Solo. You can be in the middle of nowhere with a small hand held vaporizer, and be drawing on vapor that feels like it was produced by a wall powered unit.

There are a few common criticisms of the Arizer Solo. Some say that in some models of the Arizer Solo, the glass pipes can be difficult to fit into the heating element. This is not really a problem with the device. The first time you use the Arizer Solo, just be sure to turn the temperature up to maximum, and the valve at the top of the heating element will gradually expand. Push the glass pipe in to ensure it fits into the heating element and you shouldn’t have any issues with getting the glass pipe to fit in the future.

Another common criticism of the Arizer Solo is the air flow when taking draws. In our experience this is just a misunderstanding of how the unit is supposed to work. There is not meant to be a lot of air flow coming through the glass pipes. Taking draws from the Arizer Solo is more like sipping vapor than drinking.

The controls on the Arizer Solo are easy to use and the variable temperature is indicated on a LED strip that goes from 1 – 7 (210°C at 7). This means you can start vaporizing your herbs at lower temperatures and gradually turn the heat up to maximum.

The Arizer Solo also comes with a potpourri bowl for vaporizing aroma herbs and oils.

The Arizer Solo is a really solid unit and if you are looking for a reliable high quality portable vape, it is hard to go wrong with the Arizer Solo. Also see our full range of vaporizers, parts and accessories made by Arizer.

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