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Product Test: Tightvac Airtight Containers

There can’t really be too much to say about herb containers now can there? I mean, you put your herbs in the container, and they stay there. Simple. But Tightvac containers are a little bit more special than everyday containers so they are worth writing about.

Tightvac containers have a special vacuum seal lid that creates a vacuum tight seal around your herbs, which has two benefits.

1. Fresh Herbs

Tightvac airtight containers are great at keeping your herbs fresh. If you keep a selection of herbs for a long period of time and are worried about their freshness degrading over time, you need to keep a selection of Tightvac containers. They will allow you to store all the herbs you please without time taking it’s toll.

2. Odor Free

If some of the herbs in your collection don’t smell so good and you don’t want them stinking up the living room and annoying the cat, then Tightvac keeps all of those herb smells locked away tight in the container.

Other things to consider.

Tightvac containers come in two styles. One style has a solid black plastic finish and the other clear glass. We personally can not understand why you would want the glass ones, unless you are the type that wants to just sit there staring at your pretty herb jar all day. Kind of understandable I guess, but a little strange. The plain black ones would be our personal preference. The black container could sit in any pantry looking like a plain old black plastic container not drawing any attention at all. And why would you want to draw attention to your herbs anyway man? They’re just herbs. In a container. That’s all.

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