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Product Test: Vaponic Vaporizer

Oh Lordy. These things are great. The Vaponic Vaporizer is basically a little glass tube. Well, to be precise it is made from Borosilicate 3.3. glass, stainless steel and medical silicone caoutchouc. But just think of it as a little glass tube.

Words can’t even begin to express how snazzy these things are. The inner part of the Vaponic is a long glass pipe with a small herb chamber on the end. After you put a small amount of herb in the Vaponic’s herb chamber, the pipe is then inserted into an outer glass tube. The Vaponic Vaporizer is powered by a lighter. We’ve tested it with a standard gas lighter and even a candle! It vaporizes just fine with these, but the demo videos advise using a butane powered jet lighter.

Using the Vaponic is as easy as putting your lighter at the bottom end of the glass tube and gently twisting it while the end of the tube heats. You then take draws of vapor from the end of the vaponic. You get pretty good vapor draws out of this thing and in the end the herbs come out of it well toasted. But it must be said, it does feel like you have less control over the vaporization than you would with an electric powered vaporizer.

So why are these things so awesome? They are pocket sized and you can take them anywhere with ease alongside your lighter and choice of botanicals. So if you are a city worker that is trying to quit smoking and want a vape to use at lunch breaks, the vaponic is cheap, light, inconspicuous and easy to power. It’s probably fair to say it is one of the most convenient value for money vaporizers in existence. If you are traveling, even somewhere….somewhere off the beaten track…..like Borneo, you could take one of these things and it wouldn’t impact your luggage weight one bit. You might want to be more selective about the botanicals you choose to vaporize in the exotic destinations you travel to though!…Laws are different in different places man. You could wind up in some trouble. Be sensible now…

Oh, and meet Daniel. He invented this thing. Seems like a nice guy too. Hear what he has to say about the Vaponic.

But cutting straight to the chase. Vaponic Vaporizers have huge potential to reduce the negative health impacts of smoking. If you are a smoker and are trying to quit but struggling, don’t hesitate to pick one of these things up right away. You are far better off not inhaling the nasty stuff that comes with combustion based smoking while you work on quitting completely. We don’t for a second encourage people to take up or start vaporizing addictive substances like Tobacco, but if you are addicted and working on quitting, switch to vaporizing right away and you will reduce the negative health impact of traditional cigarette smoking. We’re more about vaporizing them herbs.

Oh hey what? We said inconspicuous a few lines back….Yes we did. The vaponic comes with an outer tube that looks exactly like a felt marker! So everywhere you carry your vaponic, whether in your backpack or in your car’s glove compartment it is just going to look like a regular every day whiteboard marker.

That’s the end of our first road test of the Vaponic, but stay tuned because we’re going to have more to say about it in the future. We always keep these in stock and think it is a great first vape or great to add to your vape collection.

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