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Product Test: Volcano Classic Easy Valve

Writing a review of the Volcano Classic Easy Valve is a daunting task. How can we, meagre vaporizer selling simpletons even dare to pass comment on such a remarkable device? How could we even conceive of words fitting to describe it? It’s going to be a challenge.

The Volcano Classic heating unit is not similar to any other worldly device. It is almost as if it were created by Germans on a mission to create the world’s finest herbal vaporizer. It’s almost as if they sought to rival Mercedes Benz in design, engineering and aero dynamics. It is almost as if they got vaporization right a long time ago, and have only been getting better at it ever since.

The Volcano Classic Easy Valve is made up of two components. First, the Volcano Classic heating unit. That’s the big pyramid looking like thing that you plug in to the wall and turn on. It is called ‘Classic’ because the thing you use to control the temperature is just an old-school analogue knob like your car radio used to have. Second is the Easy Valve Balloon kit (When you buy the Volcano Easy Valve the Balloon Kit is included). This is essentially the balloon, herb chamber and kit that comes with the heating unit.

Now even though this at surface level looks like a complex device, the reality is it only has three buttons.

  1. The Turn Heat on Button (Red)
  2. The Temperature Button. It’s a knob really, but it’s one of the 3 controls (Black Knob)
  3. The ‘Blow Air’ Button (Green)

Getting an understanding of these three buttons and how they function should give you an understanding of how the device works. It’s not complex. You choose a temperature, turn the heat button on, wait, put a bag on top of a herb chamber, press the air button and when the bag is full you are done.

So the second component, the Easy valve bag kit is often a point of confusion. If you buy a Volcano Classic Easy Valve, or a Volcano Classic Solid Valve, you get the same base heating unit. The difference in the Solid Valve and Easy Valve is only in the bag kit that ships with the unit. The Easy Valve balloon kit is called Easy because it contains 5 plastic balloons with plastic valves that are attached to the Balloon. You can’t change the bag on the mouthpiece, you use it for a period of time and then dispose of it. The Solid Valve Balloon Kit is presumably less easy than the Easy Valve kit. Which is why it is not called easy, but solid. Makes sense kind of, but we can’t help that something has been lost in the German translation with product naming.

Good Bits:
The Volcano Classic vaporizes perfectly each time. It never over does the herbs, and the chances of combustion occurring are slim to none. This means with a full herb chamber you can get at least 3 bags of herbal vapor, and then grind your herbs up extra fine to get another. Almost no other vaporizer we have tried gives such even consistent vaporization allowing you to make the most of your herbs. The Volcano Classic Easy valve is a medical grade device, so you know each time you use it you are going to get clean high quality vapor.

Bad Bits:
Trying to find bad things about the Volcano Classic just for the sake of this product test would be petty and small and we’re really not those kind of people. We can’t find anything wrong with it at all. It is a little concerning that more users of the Volcano Easy Valve system essentially means more consumers consuming and disposing of plastic bags, but we are not going to heap the entire responsibility of sustainable product creation on Storz & Bickel just yet. I’m sure this is something they have already thought about and are working on.

Comfy Chair Warning:
Even though there are no bad bits to report about this particular vaporizer it is worth including a warning. Plugging your Volcano Classic Easy Valve into the power point next to your favorite comfy chair is not advisable. It can be habit forming. By way of habit in the evening you naturally gravitate to your favourite comfy chair. You look down and see that turn on heat button (red), and think to yourself, “I could easily turn that on”. Volcano Vaporizer Comfy Chair WarningYou turn it on. And instead of doing that other productive important stuff you usually do in your comfy chair, like paying your bills or doing your tax return, you find yourself vaporizing your favourite herbal blend. Terrible for productivity and potentially carrying serious life consequences if you don’t get that tax return in on time. Don’t worry about us, everything is under control here. We will get our tax returns done in due course. This is about you. Our advice would be to keep your Volcano at least 7x reaching distance away from your favourite comfy chair. In fact, keep it somewhere uncomfortable so using it is a bit of a chore. Much better for your personal productive output.

You are going to look at the prices of these Volcano Vaporizers and say to yourself, “That’s a lot of money for a vaporizer”. But the reality is, if you buy something else as your first vaporizer, you are going to fall in love with vaporization. So you will spend a few hundred dollars to start, and then you are going to want more, better, bigger, faster. It’s human nature. Save yourself the itterative product testing, and if you want to start vaporizing with the best get yourself a Volcano first. The Volcano Easy Valve is great, and if you don’t want to do anything fancy with the balloon kit and are happy with the disposable easy valve bags, the Volcano Classic Easy Valve kit is perfect first vaporizer for you. If you are a vaporizing pro and haven’t owned a Volcano yet, the Classic Easy Valve is a great for you too.

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