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Vaporize.com.au incorporate sustainability into all aspects of our business operations. Below are some of the ways we work – and you can you can work with us to develop a relationship based on sustainability and ensure the Vaporizer industry leaves a positive environmental legacy.

1. Manufacturer: We prioritise sourcing product from manufacturers based on environmental credentials. If you are a Vaporizer manufacturer and wish to establish a supply relationship speak to us about your environmental credentials. What measures are taken in the development of your vaporizer to ensure distribution of your product is not harmful to our environment?

2. Wholesaler: If you are a wholesaler speak to us about how you incorporate sustainability into your operations. We give preference to wholesalers with strong sustainability practices.

3. Shipping: Vaporize.com.au incorporate sustainability into our own shipping practices and aim to use recycled shipping products to minimise environmental impact.

Vaporize.com.au are committed to making our operation sustainable and leading the way to a sustainable vaporizer industry.