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2014 – Sustainable Vaporizers

So you’re only just learning what vaporization is all about and already we’re trying to do it sustainably. Crazy.

In 2013, we shipped vaporizers all over Australia. Each time we shipped a vaporizer, we were happy that someone was breathing in less of the toxic stuff from combustion based smoking. By the end of the year, something changed. We didn’t get the same good feeling with each vaporizer that we shipped. Some vaporizers are cheaper than others. Some vaporizers are made with cheap plastics, and will probably end up in landfill faster than others. But not all cheap vaporizers are made unsustainably. It doesn’t seem to be strictly based on price, but more around the manufacturers intention when creating the product. The vaporizer market is emerging and a lot of manufacturers have come to market with the good old fashion intention of fast profit. But great vaporizers come from manufacturers that have a great mission.

Volcano vaporizers, are made by a company with a passion for vaporization technology and a commitment to producing medical grade vaporizers. Thermovapes were developed by a man who’s mother died from Lung Cancer and felt that vaporization would be a good solution to help smokers.  Magic Flight’s are made with love and from quality materials in the USA. These kind of vaporizers stand the test of time, and don’t go from shipping to land fill in the space of 6 months.

And it’s not just about sustainability. If people are going to be convinced that vaporization is better than smoking, shipping cheap vaporizers is not going to do that. If a smokers first experience with a vaporizer is a cheap plastic unit that comes out of the box with factory aroma’s that then breaks in three months, there is a strong chance they will not enjoy their vaporization experience and go back to their old ways.

In 2014 we are cutting these kind of vaporizers from our product line. We know the difference between a good vaporizer and a low quality vaporizer. We’ve done the product testing.

The vaporizers currently on the market are only the first generation of vaporizers we are likely to see. The perfect sustainable medical grade vaporizer is not out there yet, but they will come. Over time we will aim to source vaporizers from manufacturers that meet these standards and ship less vaporizers made with cheap plastics that will ultimately end up in landfill.

Our mission for 2014 is simple. Ship more sustainable vaporizers that commit less plastics to landfill and reduce the amount of toxic smoke inhaled by Australian smokers.



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