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A New Hobby, A New Project and A New Word.

I wanted to tell You guys about a new hobby. I told you I get Obsessed with things. Ive actually Got about 3 new hobbies coming down the pipe.

Well my latest Hobby is collecting water. I have a small tank and a small sub storage tank. I’m good with pumping now. And over the next few months I will be working on Filtering. I really love the concept of collecting your own water and relying less on Town Water. That’s a project I picked up a few months ago now, and got it working for us a lot more easily than expected. My Pops already had a down pipe water collecting contraption installed but never finished to getting to collecting. Anyways, with all the growing I’m doing which now comprises of:


You can see how it will help. All of the food stuffs is not like business. It’s just for me and for fun. Herbs and Aloe is Business for now.

I hinted that will be announcing a new project in the next few months, but before I do that. I am going to aim to spend 2 months doubling back on everything that I have built. Doing some maintenance work. Etc Etc. Reviewing what has worked and not.

And the last thing. Im obsessing over a new word. Which I’m not going to tell you what it is. And Im kind of over the last word I was obsessing over. Which I’m not going to tell you what was either. But it was an amazing word. Amazing.

Still Alive. Still Kicking.

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