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Always choose on the basis of love: More from Magic Flight on Vaporize.com.au.

The first vaporizer we ever sold here at Vaporize.com.au was a launch box. Magic Flight have been part of vaporizer culture almost as long as there have been vaporizers. The Magic Flight’s simple sturdy design and ease of use still makes it a perfect vaporizer for everyone from first timers to experienced herbalists.

If you are the outdoors camping type, the beach surfing type or on any type of adventurer, the MFLB is built and designed to take along with you on your journey.

But just because Magic Flight’s innovative designs are thoughtfully crafted from materials that will not harm earth, doesn’t mean these things aren’t built to take you higher. Sessions with the MFLB can really pack a punch. And with products for everything from dry herbs to extracts and a range of accessories like water filters, Magic Flight gear should be part of any serious herbal hackers arsenal.

There are big things that can be learned from the Magic Flight Launch Box. That’s all we’re trying to say.

That we can choose wisely about the materials we choose to build products out of. That some products are built to take with you on the journey. And if the things that we create are created using the best of our hearts and minds…..then maybe as time passes they become a little more special…..not less special.

Grab a Magic Flight for your journey on Vaporize.com.au and look out for more Magic Flight products coming soon.


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