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Vaporize.com.au begin production of Vape.TV

Building Vaporize.com.au has been a long and satisfying journey. And even though we haven’t yet finished building, Vaporize.com.au feels well and truly built. Shipping vaporizers in Australia has become easy. It’s like we wake up, ship a vape, eat breakfast, ship a vape, go to sleep, ship a vape. And while overcoming the logistics of shipping in Australia has been a great challenge, it’s time to set out sights on something bigger.

Vape.TV will have two missions. First to become the place for global vapers to share their ideas and express their opinions about vaporizers. Vape.TV will become the worlds leading Vape video site. Secondly blending video with commerce Vape.TV will be a platform where vaporizer manufacturers, herbal product manufacturers and wholesalers can bring their products directly to market by tapping into an audience of engaged Vaporizer enthusiasts.

And while we are thinking global we won’t stop acting local. Vaporize.com.au will continue to grow and prosper, proudly serving those that choose to vape in the Australian market.

In such a rapidly evolving space the importance of ambition can’t be emphasised enough. When we began the Australian production of Vaporize.com.au two years ago we clearly had our head in the clouds, as we begin the global production of Vape.TV our head is appropriately amongst the stars. We are aiming high and already know the success of Vape.TV is a foregone conclusion.

Vape.TV has begun production and the first phase will roll out somewhere around Christmas 2014. Stay tuned to Vaporize.com.au for updates on our progress.


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