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Cannabis Abundance is a Thing

When men only have small amounts of Cannabis They tend to smoke it.

Thats obviously because when you eat it in smaller amounts there is a high chance that you will not get the effect at all and only end up in frustration.

So I tend to find when I have larger amounts of Cannabis I eat it. A much healthier habit that takes a little practice. In fact If I had all the cannabis in the world I probably wouldn’t smoke at all.

So between drinking Cannabis Teas, Eating with my meals and any other ways I could administer that would be the total of my core cannabis use.

I calculate that If I ate all of the Cannabis I could, it would be around $50000 a year street value.

When we approach our commercial models toward cannabis and how it will grow in Australia, this is how we approach it. Few people tell you that cannabis fuels your conscious energy and it encourages you to take more breathes during the day. So the people who don’t wish us to consume it desire for us to be weak and stupid. We are obviously not producing our models to cater to them. We are producing them to cater to the core health and future of people. And these concepts are key to how we are proceeding.

If consumers are presented with models where they can only “Buy Cannabis” to smoke from prescription or retail sources, they will probably not get much healthier because all they will ever do is smoke. I don’t believe that smoking is a key health behaviour to consuming Cannabis. I believe it historically would have been smoked or consumed in a Shamanistic way. So men may have had a small handful of times in their life when they smoked large amounts of cannabis as a ritualistic method to receive spiritual growth or insight. Although we have started as a Vape business, Im not really concerned about “Flogging” Smoking as a model. I feel stupid selling smoking. Because really it is a stupid thing to do. Although admittedly, the products we sell have a very specific market position and purpose that I myself find helpful. That is one of the things that keeps us going. Some weeks vapes make my life better too 🙂

But in the coming year our work will change and focus will change from promoting vaporisation to cannabis as a whole.
Really every being has the right to wake up in the morning and plant cannabis seeds. The abundance that even a being living in a small 1 bedroom apartment could achieve to just adding growing a few-plants to their life is profound. So abundance is not just about luxury when it comes to Cannabis. It is about health, because people who don’t have the abundance tend to consume it in unhealthy ways. Over the coming weeks we will publishing more to explain some of the new tools we have built, how they can be used and how they will go toward helping with the roll out of Cannabis rights in Australia.

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