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Cannabis Denialism – High Percentage of Australian Medical Professionals still suffering from Cannabis Denialism.

Cannabis Denialism.

A Problem.

Still. In many medical practitioners offices. Nurses. Dentists. Dental Assistants.

People who claim to have a stake in or play a role in the maintenance of human health.

Yet are willing to participate in one of the most demonic lies ever cast upon humanity.

Cannabis Denialism Can lead to all kinds of personal harms. Even if you go to a doctor who claims to prescribe cannabis. Your Doctor may be a practitioner with a long history of participating in Cannabis Denialism. The official technical term we use for some such practitioners. Closed Door Cannabis Denialists. Practitioners who speak quasi optimistically in a medical context. Yet behind closed doors in shady places. Lawyers offices. Corporate Board Rooms. Masonic Lodges. Government Committees. Sell humanity out to sub standard medical views on the topic.

So keep an eye out for Cannabis Denialists in your area. And make sure ignorance on natural medicine doesn’t give people a path to generating a living for themselves. The sooner we shut down anti liberal views on Cannabis the sooner we allow our own people to live the natural graceful lives interacting with the plant creates.

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