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Grow Update

Over the Past Few Months I have had a few folks get in touch and ask about the herb products we are producing. Apologies I haven’t been that great in responding. Just not quite there yet.

I did Have my first few sacks for sale, but I beat you to them both. No Regrets.

As summer picks Up I will be able to produce more.

So I wanted to update people on what Im working on. Where my indoor grow weakness was was with Nutrition. I was pulling really weedy plants out and then when they were outside they would start to Veg. Im getting better at that now.

What is Working
– Sugar Cane Mulch – That is now part of my Grow Process. Works well. Plants like it and creates a nicer environment.

What is not working
– Im trying a lot of different fertilizers, most contain blood and bone. I don’t have any issues with the concept of recycling cattle at end of life, but Ultimately I won’t support any blood and bone products because I feel they will encourage factory cattle production, so I am really still looking for what might be a good long term nutrition solution.
– Seaweed stuff. I have tried this and I like the concept. I don’t see it actually boosting the plants, it is said to be for also managing the grow environment. So so. Not excited.

I have seen Mighty Mario over there in Canada doing crafty things with compost teas. That might be a next step. Interested.

My Goal This summer is to produce my own oils and extracts to get a feel for them as a form of medication.

Realistically Im trying to produce a craft market garden, sell my surplus but have the core benefit of the activity be commercial knowledge.

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