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How to use a Whole Cannabis Plant for your Health And Happiness (Guide)

Now that we are spending more time advocating Cannabis as a whole, this post is about how you can use a whole Cannabis Plant for your families health and happiness.

This guide is quite short because it is really easy to use a whole plant by just making a few simple products for use at home.

– Harvest the plant. Cut all the stems off and seperate the leaves from the stems.
– Hang the Flowers up somewhere dark and let them dry for a few days. I find it helpful to use an electric fan to support that process. After a few days (3 – 5) the plants are dry enough for edible consumption. Although for smoking curing usually takes longer, because we are using these in edibles all that matters is that that wet plant feeling is gone and the flowers are dry.
– Dry the leaves in the oven for a few minutes until they are dry.

What we are making:
– Cannabis Tea Bags – You can buy empty cannabis tea bags quite easily. The Dry leaves from your plant can fill about 5 – 10 tea bags. These are great for an evening in and help a wide range of health conditions as a mild tonic.
– Cannabis Butter – I usually harvest 1/2 to a full ounce from the plants I grow that make it to about chest height. Chop the dried flower up finely and take any remaining plant matter including leaves and stems and throw them into 500g of melted butter. Keep the plant and butter mix on a low – medium heat on the stove for 2 hours. Stir regularly and mix in water to prevent burning. Pour out the butter into a strainer to remove plant matter and then cool in the fridge. You now have a nice batch of medicinal cannabis butter.

So that’s it guys – a whole plant into two products. Harvesting a herb plant makes my days a lot happier and then consuming what I produce from there makes my weeks much happier. Hope you get the same pleasure from growing Cannabis at home a past time that we all have the right to practice.

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