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How we are going to re-define our work.

It is amazing how long I have been doing vapes now. I still have an interest and in this post I will explain why.

So I have already made progress on dropping a few brands, and dropping a few ‘Styles’. That will be an easy transition.

But what I have been contemplating on is ‘Why I do this.’

I have told the story before Of how I started Vaporize. And Im still doing it which is reasonable for any small business. So now I will define why I do this, and how it will shape our progress.

The reason I continue in the space is to ‘defend inhalation as a method of medicinal herb administration’

I use the word defend, because nefarious forces will portray inhaling herbs as bad fullstop.

But it is also a highly effective method of medical administration.

This new definition may over time take our work to technologies that do not involve heat at all.

So these changes over the coming year will result in:
– Me re-writing our mission statement
– Maybe some design changes
– Publishing of some research and findings
– Further Shaping and defining of our product lineup – probably to lean closer to medial use and messaging that includes highly responsible social / lifestyle use.

You will see these changes associated with our new mission rolled out over the next two years.

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