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How we are using video to support customer service and security.

As a web developer I have had interest in video for a long time.

As I began the production of Vape.TV I didn’t foresee exactly how it would be used.

However as the project has evolved it has not only been a place that we can publish our videos and content, it has also turned into a platform for customer service and security.

Currently with most warranty claims we ask users to upload a video. On many occasions a customer upload will help us resolve a claim with no need for a return.

If it doesn’t, we can fully investigate a product return before the unit even reaches us for testing.

Both of these scenarios allow us to deliver better customer service and also uphold warranty commitments to brands and suppliers.

Finally, in events where we need extra security when dealing with customer claims, using video helps us to screen customer claims for honesty, authenticity and helps us to establish a face to face connection with customers just as bricks and mortar retailers can so easily do.

Video is a core part of Vape.TV and will play a broader role in our medical and media projects under development.

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