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Minimum Over the Phone order limit set to $100

Today Vaporize Australia set its minimum over the phone order limit to $100.

At present our phone service is not specifically about generating orders. It also serves the dual purpose of gathering consumer sentiment about products and products and product experience as well as learning about what our customers are experiencing in terms of health complications or broader complications dealing with the government in the current post Genocide climate.

To all of the customers that do reach out to us on the phone you will know that we are not always available and man the lines at times when we have extra resource.

Please also note that if you do try to contact us via the phone we are far less likely to answer calls from protected numbers as these calls tend to be sales or fraud related.

We appreciate everyones patience and support and hope those that do support us and understand how we work.

For those people who need to order smaller parts, please use our online ordering systems.

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