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Should Parents who Deny Children Cannabis Access Be Jailed?

You know that in many cases around the world that religious or spiritual beliefs effect medical decision making?

So in some religious beliefs they don’t believe in doing blood transfusions. These different beliefs can cause conflict in different scenarios.

We are not all the way there in Australia with Cannabis yet. The sociopathy on the topic is so deeply engrained in our social culture that the media views on it can still effect family demographics.

What should we do in social situations where a Mother for example has been socially conditioned against cannabis and a Daughter suffers epilepsy or spasms? Thats one condition that we know cannabis can be miraculous with.

This will be the new normal in Cannabis Decision making. We must stand for life, health and comfort first. Parents who deny children cannabis out of some social stigma or ignorance may in fact have to be corrected. We don’t need to over do Cannabis. But in Australia it is still well under done.

Some of the top institutions in Australia that try to suppress Cannabis Progress?
1. Policing
2. Dentists / Dentistry
3. Policing Assistants
4. Legal
5. Dentists Assistants

So we can clearly see that there is an over representation from Dentistry in the Data. Why is it that in Australia Dentists have not done enough to give Endorsement to Clean Cannabis? Is there not also application in that Industry.

My Mother goes to a Medical Professional in her health regime that speaks to her about Cannabis. Its just general Chit Chat, but that doctor is clearly wise and liberal. Its just nice to have your elderly mother come from a Drs meeting and not be more deeply fucked in the brains.

So we have to manage these things in families and know that there has been a lot of wrong-conditioning on Cannabis. We have to make sure that Children that can be given strength for life are not neglected by historic ignorances. And we must make sure we do not allow corporates or governments to cast these ignorances over our people ever again.



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