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Two more ways that we are succeeding.

I mentioned in a recent post I felt our work was bringing more light in the area of medical media.

Well two other places I am seeing more light.

– News: Have you noticed the news is at least more interesting? You still have to decode it but as well as making the news pick up its act, it seems like a lot of the shit house end of the news spectrum is going down the gurg for good. Seems like the good book can bring a bit of good news.

– Food / Supermarkets: Yep, slowly starting to get better. Have been buying more veg stuff, some stuff imported from India. Different brands different products. I really want to see Australian businesses, Australian brands excel in this area and produce great food from our own domestic produce. But what we can’t do, sure lets maximise the effect of our trading relationships with with other nations that do have traditions of vegetarianism. India, China, Malaysia are three that come to mind. Im sure there are many more that have ways to improve the food on offer for Australians.

Hope other people are seeing the same changes starting to come through.

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