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Vape.TV to publish annual state of the industry report and video presentation.

Today Vaporize Australia founder announced that Vaporize.com.au’s associated publication Vape.TV will be publishing an Annual state of the industry report and video presentation that will outline key issues in the vaporization industry.

In a Statement Vaporize.com.au’s Founder said:

The purpose of our annual report will be to establish a regular annual communication to both the broader global vaporisation industry and consumers directly. We will cover topics such as:

– Sustainability
– Materials Safety
– Industry Health and Safety Trends
– Industry Culture and Progress
– Commercial Trends
– Year to Come Predictions

We expect the report will help the broader industry with insights gleamed from our own commercial operations in Australia and our broader data collection and research efforts.

Vape.TV’s Annual state of the Industry report is due to to be published in Early 2017.

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