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Vaporize Australia implement additional Fraud Prevention Measures, Increase Data Transparency.

Today Vaporize Australia announced the implementation of additional fraud prevention measures and plans to increase warranty claim transparency.

In a statement Vaporize Australia Founder Said:

We have recently implemented increased fraud prevention including tightening of security checks and enhanced processes to weed out and prevent fraud.

We will be releasing further information on fraud in relation to our industry and the general culture of fraud and corruption in the financial and commercial classes in the competitive Business community. We will be releasing this information so that the business culture in Australia is documented for the permanent record in this ending time of criminality and Genocide.

We will also be publishing more detailed data on our warranty claims process to help our customers see specific details on warranty return numbers and gain confidence in our process.

We also intend to publish detail about types of fraud attempted against us and in some cases specific details about individuals who have attempted to commit fraud against us.

Due to the scale of disruptive activity we are involved in including the disruptive nature of our business itself and being the first media outlet to break massive government fraud attempts as well as attacking known criminals amongst the elite, we expect their to be attempts to suppress us with all types of fraud and manipulation. We will always prevail and continue to fight for a heightening of standards and a hightening of mind in Australia.

We ask that anyone who has supported us up until now continue to follow us as a source of truth which we will always aim to be despite any false claims that are made against us, and we will continue to aggressively fight and defend the rights and liberties of Australians.

We will always aim to detail the fraud and attempts to curtail our operations in our media, which our data indicates an increasing number of people are coming to know as a source of truth.

Vaporize Australia

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