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Vaporize Australia introduce 100% Recycled, Recyclable, Reusable Shipping Satchels.

When Vaporize Australia launched we made the commitment to reduce the environmental impact of the vaporization industry and be a beacon of light for sustainability and environmental consciousness.

To kick of 2017 we are introducing a new innovation to support this effort. Going forward the bulk of our domestic shipments will ship using 100% recycled, recyclable reusable shipping satchels. These will have a range of benefits on the environment. Firstly using recycled satchels reduces the demand for virgin materials to be extracted from the earth. Additionally we believe if this style of satchel is introduced as a standard a large percentage of satchels in Australia may be reused.

All in all we see this as a great positive for the environment and we are proud to be an early adopter of this product in Australia. To view our official announcement of the introduction of sustainable satchels see our sustainability page.

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