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Vaporize Australia launch global vaporizer fault reporting system. 

Today Vaporize.com.au launched global vaporiser error reporting forms that allow users from all around the world to report vaporiser faults and send images of specific part and material failures.

In a statement about the release Vaporize.com.au’s founding producer said:

Our vaporiser fault reporting system is designed to take error reports from anyone who is having issues with their vaporiser. This will allow us to play a support role for consumers. The reports will also feed into our overall data set.

The forms won’t just accept submissions from people who buy products from us. Anyone around the world can submit an error report. We see that there will be scenarios where manufacturers or even retailers go out of business and users will be stuck with a Vape and no one to report errors or issues to.

Even if we can’t solve issues for every user, at least we will be able to let them know about the severity of the fault and if their vaporiser is safe enough to keep using.

We think that in the long term this kind of data could save lives as we analyse return rates.

In the longer term we see the forms being multilingual and supporting our data collection work in different markets.

Vaporize.com.au’s Vaporizer fault reporting is part of a growing digital tool kit being developed by Vaporize.com.au to support both Vaporizer Manufacturers and Consumers. Our fault reporting tool will be available for Australian customers at Vaporize.com.au. Consumers in the Americas will be able to submit reports via Vape.TV

The error reporting tool is available here.

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