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Vaporize Australia Launch Industry leading Materials Transparency System.

Vaporize Australia have launched industry leading materials transparency data system that both presents users more advanced materials data for each product as well as allowing direct feedback from users. In November 2015 we announced that we planned to become the most transparent and knowledgable Vaporizer company when it came to the issues of materials use and safety in vaporizers. Today that plan comes closer to fruition.

In addition to our warranty returns data collection processes this system will help strengthen our data collection systems. We currently collect data to present data to users in realtime and also incrementally store this data so we can assess trends that emerge pertaining to user safety and materials failures.

We think that many Vaporizer Manufacturers will think that this is too much. And being realistic it almost is. There are already
a plethora of safe trusted vaporisers on the market that there is almost no point questioning the safety of as it is evident they will
provide massive health impact reduction gains to herbalists and tobacco smokers.

Our materials transparency system accepts feedback from medical professionals, vaporiser users, engineers and essentially anyone who feels that there is a genuine materials or engineering problem with a product that could effect a users health.

The specific fields we are adding to our materials transparency system include:

– Vaoprization Material
– Chamber Material
– Body Material
– Fibrous Insulation
– Contains Glues / Solvents
– Probability of Toxicity Inhalation (High / Med / Low)

The materials issues faced by the Vaporiser industry are complex. With the ready availability of safe units on the market that will unquestionably add years to any combustion smokers life why go to these lengths? The deeper we explore and the more we take feedback from our customers and the medical profession we as a business have to acknowledge, even with the safest products and the most responsible manufacturing partners there is always going to be the capacity for industrial failures, degeneration with use over time or even if the product is treated with user force.

Obviously these challenges will not detract us from our businesses core goal. Saving lives.

Our materials data reporting form is available here and data on critical products will be populated incrementally with user submissions and from our own testing schedule.


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