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Vaporize Australia to Track Company Success against National Lung Cancer Rates

Today Vaporize Australia announced it’s intention to track it’s success as a company against the nations Cancer data.

In a statement Vaporize Australia’s founder said:

We are uniquely positioned to track and understand lung cancer rates in Australia and acknowledge our role in reducing these rates because our business before all others has done some very unique things.

Firstly we, in conjunction with our friends who fought for reform in Australia pushed and then saw the government reverse the ignorant medical cannabis laws that were harming so many. We believe this legal change has the capacity to both reduce lung cancer rates as well as extend the lives of those people living with cancer.

Secondly, the style of vaporisation we are promoting is unique in that we are primarily advocating smokers connect to herbalism including cannabis but also encompassing the multitude of herbs and other plants nature has to offer. This great shift in smoking behaviour has the capacity to greatly reduce cancer as tobacco smoking primarily has been linked with lung cancer.

Finally we aim to continue to stock high quality products and undertake product analysis that minimise the probability of toxicity inhalation.

Initially we will use government cancer data to track our success in cancer reduction but we are working on a range of tools that will allow us to track more user health data ourselves.

We believe if what we are advocating is followed and all lung cancer cases have Cannabis used in some form be it inhaled or though an edible we will see a dramatic lengthening of all lives in cases of cancer diagnosis.

So going forward we will track our success, our progress as a company against reduction in national cancer rates. An accomplishment that we as a company take some of the the credit for in being victorious in the decades long battle against Cannabis Prohibition that we will end once and for all.

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