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Vaporize Australia will not stock leather products.

As we have been retailing vaporisers we are noticing an increase in vendors including things like free leather cases. We also have an increasing number of companies trying to get us to stock leather cases.

These are added to increase the appeal of a product or to be purchased separately as a protecting case.

As an individual I do my best to avoid buying leather products.

Although I do not think that animal agriculture as a whole is a terrible thing, I think that we need to address the massive imbalance that has been created by the prohibition of hemp and herbalism for decades.

The Bible says that god gave dominion over animals. But dominion does not speak of ownership and defiantly not the right to abuse. It speaks of responsibility.

Ultimately we feel that the industrialisation of animal agriculture and moreover the productification of animals bodies is a path toward tyranny.

The greater risk for humanity though is that if we are unable to stop the automation and systemic abuse of animals, what is to say we don’t have the same systems controlling humans emerge on earth?

So Vaporize Australia will not be stocking leather products and hope to see a greater shift away from meat consumption to use of herbal and vegetarian products and use of products like hemp in product production.

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