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Vaporize.com.au Launch Design & Materials Transparency Policy.

If you’re sitting there thinking to yourself that vaporisers are starting to become a thing. You’re right. They are.

And given that they are starting to become a thing on a planet with over 7 billion people on it, lot’s of new companies are starting to build vaporizers.

While that’s great for business and human progress in general, it also creates problems. Lots of people want different types of vaporisers, there are lots of different ways to make vaporisers and there are lots of different designs, user requirements and benefits of different types of vaporisers. Today there are already thousands of vaporiser manufacturers out there building vapes to serve the global community of vape enthusiasts.

But not all vapes are created equally and some vapes are both designed better and use better materials. Like most things though, there is a lot of subjectivity. One man’s dream vape may be completely unusable to the next man all depending on the individual persons requirements.

At Vaporize.com.au we think the best way to solve this issue is transparency. In an era where buying food from your local corporate grocery store can be a risky business when it comes to knowing the material that you are buying, this doesn’t need to be an issue in the Vaporizer industry.

The purpose of our transparency policy will be to inform consumers about core design and materials in their vaporiser and allow them to choose a vaporiser that suits them best.

In a statement about the Policy Vaporize.com.au’s founding producer said:

Originally our project was focused mainly on product and education and all of our energy in Australia was about building awareness and shipping vaporisers. People in Australia didn’t even really know what vaporisation was. But as we started growing we noticed the importance of data in what we do.

What we’re building is essentially a data infrastructure layer across all of our media properties. As people interact with us by doing things like buying vaporisers and leaving reviews we collect data that tells us about things like return rates and product issues. That helps us make the industry better by feeding back to manufacturers and other data partners.

Materials data is a big part of this data set. The way that we collect this data is from a range of sources but we aim for complete transparency in both how we collect the data and how we publish it. Every vaporiser we sell will have a transparent materials list that comes from both manufacturers and users impression of how their vaporiser’s materials holds up to the job. This means that we will be able to both enable consumers to make choices during the purchase decision making process and feedback to the industry any user issues with materials after repeated use.

Our websites will almost become realtime feedback to the industry allowing vaporizer companies to use this valuable feedback to refine their products over time.

We believe that over time this data layer will become so sophisticated that one day it will collect data from the vaporisers themselves.

In the long term we will stock thousands of different vaporisers and thousands of different parts. Even though this will involve collecting and storing a lot of data, we believe in the long term the data itself will have value in a range of different industries including the health industry.

Vaporize.com.au are an Australian leader in the area of herbal vaporization and have a history of leadership including being the first vaporizer retailer to label products that combust herbs enabling consumers to choose “real” dry herb vaporizers.

Design & Materials Data will be rolled out across our global properties in 2016 and customers are invited to ask questions via Vape Questions.

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