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Vaporize.com.au Launch Product Testing Workshop

Today Vaporize.com.au announce the launch of an internal product testing workshop that will test products and publish information about materials used in the vaporisation industry.

In a statement about the launch Vaporize.com.au’s founding producer said:

Through transparent communication with our suppliers and engagement of independent materials testing houses we will build a body of data around the materials being used in the dry herb vaporisers that we retail.

Already through our time in the vaporisation industry we can see commercial forces influencing speed of product development and impacting product quality. As one of the leading routes to the consumer market, we see our role in enforcing quality standard in Australia as pivotal.

Herbal Vaporization is a new consumer trend that should be primarily focused on health and wellbeing. Product build is one area where this focus can be compromised. Often when people think of the vaporiser industry they think we are the next tobacco industry, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Herbal vaporisers are about connecting with nature and connecting with yourself. We are not those e-cig guys. These devices can be used for anything from administering medical cannabis to having light aromatherapy sessions with spearmint.

It is unfortunate given the governments stance on Cannabis in particular, that they will be unlikely to play a leading role in enforcing any kind of standard in this area. There are well funded government bodies established to enforce consumer product safety but as soon as there is any mention of Cannabis these bodies are not interested.

This leaves businesses like our own to use our finite resources to enforce product quality, especially in regions like Australia where understanding of vaporization is not especially progressive.

Vaporize.com.au’s product testing workshop has commenced operation. Information and findings from our product testing procedures will be published on the Vaporize.com.au Blog and the Vaporize Youtube Channel.

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