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Vaporize.com.au Pause phone support for 60 days to focus on digital support services.

Dear Vaporize.com.au Customers.

For the next 60 days we will be pausing phone support for sales enquiries and technical queries.

We will relaunch phone support in 60 days with a range of exciting new features that will support and strengthen our relationship with you the customer.

We have to be honest, helping people Australia wide with their enquiries over the last year has been amazing. There is so much for people
to learn about this area and we love speaking to people and helping them make the right choices for their health and for their budget. The time we have spent talking with customers on the phone hasn’t always just been about products and prices. What we have learned from speaking with people on the phone is that people can benefit from a source of guidance in this complex area of health even further complicated by prohibitionist voices that threaten severe consequences for looking to herbs as a viable option to healing as well as blanketly chastising people for considering the administration of herbs by the method commonly vilified as “smoking”.

For the next 60 days we will be supporting customers digitally via email, via vape questions and via a range of digital tools that we will be testing to help streamline our service and make your customer experience more enjoyable.

We will be working hard on our Phone support service over the coming months so that when it relaunches it has greater capacity and integrates more closely with your customer account and features on the Vaporize.com.au website.


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